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So many things have changed in the Indie world since I started to get into it. Back then it felt totally different from now. Firstly because by then I had to research and check bands out on certain places like Bandcamp, Jamendo or CDBaby, whilst now I get so many submissions, that I can barely keep up with all!
In any case, just like now, it was always a moment of excitement when I discovered a pretty cool song!

In any case, I started talking about these memories, but I actually wanted to talk about something different. Instead of focusing on the change of how I
explore the music, I want to tell you more about I feel the Indie scene has changed since I got into it.

I should start saying that I thing there´s huge difference from 2018 to now. Back them, I didn’t see any collaboration. And I have to say that bands were pretty focused on themselves. I don’t know if that feeling happens because then I didn’t really have a close contact with anybody or if the reason is that a change of thinking happened.

Changes in 2018, 2019

For example in 2018 I received private messages over the social media saying things like: “New song here to buy!”. The bands seemed to never ask about how to submit music to the station or simply submit it for consideration. But, from the beginning of 2019 this has not happened again.
During 2019 I have noticed a community feeling settled down. I could see it on Twitter, there was a vibe in the line of supporting each other.
In the same year, the first shows run by indies started. Those have been another way to support other bands. Altogether this “US” feeling grew fast over the “ME”. The artists noticed it is better to work together and get the word out as a collective. And, in my opinion, this is a very good way to get heard.

How the indie world changed from before to after the pandemic. This image shows a closed music store. Everything in the music world, in the surface seemed to be dead during the pandemics.
Music store closed, pandemic feel.

How the indie world changed in Pandemic times

2020, of course, was a game changer for everything, and also for the indie community. During the pandemic bands/artists started to create more and more Spotify playlists and promoting them together. And, the collaborations between artists, one of the most exciting things for me, didn´t stop growing. I have never seen so many collabs before. It is simply amazing how the artists work together.

Even artists from totally different styles. This have been a point to get more listens and support. If you got interested the collabs you would not only seek for more of them, but also you would check out out the single artists. Another good thing of 2020 in my eyes was the quality of the music, that got better in general. I guess it was because artists got more into producing themselves, as there weren’t able to visit the studios. One example of a great collab between artists of different genres is this one by Sophie Dorsten and 3MindBlight:

What will 2021 bring? I have no clue. I still see so many collabs. Maybe opening pubs and the live scene will give the artists another big push.
At least I hope so. People are thirsty for live music and artists can’t wait to play live again. It might even be a different live feeling
compared to pre-pandemic times!

This is what I can say so far about how the indie world changed. I am really looking forward to the next month and can’t wait where this new way will leads us!

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