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Music History

We love music so much, and, thus, we want to take you to the journey to discover music history with RadioTFSC.

Music has been with us for way longer than we might imagine. The rhythm is inherent to the nature, to life and to earth. There´s rhythm with us since before we are born, in the heartbeat of our mum and in our little baby heart. After that we find rhythm all around, starting by our breath and our footsteps, we can also find rhythm in the sea, with the pace of the waves, in the rain and in the storms. There’s also a fair amount of melody with us, in the sound of the birds, and in our voice, that changes depending on our mood and the person we are talking to.

Discovering Music History with RadioTFSC. The music is in the nature, and is inherent to human beings. Image of a forest, place full of rhythm, melody and beauty.
There is so much rhythm and melody on the nature!

In this section of the blog we will be talking about music history. Approaching it, not only from the history side of things, but also from the scientific perspective. We will talk about what is music, why does is affect us, and how did it evolve during the years in response to the cultural environment.

Music is one of the most amazing creations of the human beings. It is deeply connected with the human nature, the genetics, the history and the social status and technological advances. There are so many music styles, each of them intertwined with so many factors. It will be exciting to explore all of them with you. And this is what we will be doing in this section of RadioTFSC blog. Here we will also include curious facts about bands, history of songs and many other topics related to music and its history.

Our capacity to listen

As I was mentioning before, music something really human. There is so much to say about music, and how do we enjoy it. I think that a great starting point to appreciate music, would be understanding how amazing it is that we can actually listen to it! This all comes to our sense of hearing: sophisticated, efficient, and perfect! Here you can find a great intro video of how our listening works. In my case, understanding how complex it is, makes me appreciate music even better (if that is possible… because I love music so much!).

Isn´t it amazing? Hearing is a sense we should take care of very much. A lot of musicians that play live gigs and rehearse often, don´t take enough care of their ear. If you like cinema, I would strongly suggest you to check out the film called “Sound of Metal”, recently released in Amazon Prime. It is not only a great story, but also a great example of how to use the sound the get you fully inside the film. I recommend you to watch it with heaphones!

Looking forward to further discover music history with RadioTFSC? I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned! Looking forward to catching up very soon!

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