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Spaceship TFSC – EP 3 “There Are the Pirates”

You might remember last EP.. Ian and Colifused had to sober up after their ummm lets say “Captains meeting”. Somehow they have made it!! Finally both arrive on the bridge and notice this pirate captain on the transmission screen! A longer discussion happens (I wont give you details why Spaceship TFSC doesnt have the fuel for the pirates). After this discussion Captain Colifused invites the pirate crew to come over.

Get them Over to us!

But how could we do that? asks Ian. Well easy get Scotty to beam them over! says the Captain!! “What a great Idea” says Ian “Only problem, this isnt the Enterprise and well we wouldnt be here if we would be the Enterprise crew” Ok ok! Chelsea snaps her finger. “I have an idea!! Lets get them over with our Black Carts!” Great idea (as usual, you could think she has been in contact with the Nasa)
Captain Colifused ordered Les, the boss of the Black Cart Shuttle Service, on the bridge! “Lets get those pirates over here. Fly slowly and no loopings please. They might be drunk! Oh and maybe take Conselor Betty with you, she should check them if they are good pirates”
Les picks up his Black Cart crew including Betty! While they are picking up the pirates we should listen to the wisdom by Betty and why she believes the devil is dead!

Pirates on the Spaceship!

Finally! says Captain Tom as he has arrived on the Spaceship TFSC 24 hours after the first contact! Shaking Colifused hand he tells him about the pirate crew! “Harhar this is Marrrrrky, I thought he is a good mechanic, yet he only drinks our fuel and everrrything what smells like alcohol! And well this is a perrrson I have found on our ship while I was waiting forrrr you… This is umm Tom but he is a man who eats grrrrassss.” The other Tom greets happily and starts to sing “We arrrreeee famillllyyyyy!!”
Captain Tom cant hear this anymore! Lets move to the bridge or the bar!! Tom, Colifused and Betty are going slowly to the bar. Every now and then Betty looks at the Pirate and whispers “I wanna break you, then burn you aaand then you will cry!!!” followed by a weird witchy haunting laughter!
Ah dont listen to her, says Colifused, she is a bit ummm lets say different! But wait til you meet maam Clare in the bar!
As they enter the bar Clare jumps around in her dress and keeps singing “I am an angellllll, yes angelllllll!” Tom nods and says “Now I know what you mean! Do we get here cerrrrveza?” Yessss thats the word!! Lets start a drinking session! Ok I believe the Captain mentioned “A longer Captains meeting”

Where Will We Go Now?

Some hours and liters of beer later Tom and Colifused agreed that the pirates will stay on the ship! In the background you can see Betty and Clare dancing on the tables while Marky lays under the table! But thats just a side story!
Colifused is curious and asks Captain Tom about the dark zone. How long he has been here and if there is any life. Tom can’t answer those questions. “I dont remember anything. Maybe I drank too much beer. Then again this isnt a thing!” That moment C of A’s enters the bar! Tom jumps up and yells “Harrrrr who is thisssss?? She looks dangerrrrous!!!” Ah dont worry she just wants to tell you my story

What Will Happen Next Time?

Who is this C of A’s? Maybe she is a wise reader? God knows! Will she lead the crew out of the dark zone?

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