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Spaceship TFSC – EP 2 “Oh No Pirates!”

It is midnight, no clue what day and actually no clue what time it is. But hey we are in a dark part of the universe, no one here sooo we can decide what time it is! Yeah night shift time on the bridge! Nightshift Captain Chelsea aka Foxanne the Goddess of Interstellar Maps just wanted to chill on the Captains sofa (Yes the lazy bums have sofas on the bridge) but oh well the moment she wanted to sat down the redpinkpurple alarm started!

Why The Alarm?

Chelsea jumped up, thought she might have pressed a button by accident but on the screen you could see a random blinking light in the dark! STOP THE MACHINES she yelled. Better call the Captain! We have a light here in the dark!
Chelsea used the internal calling system to get an automatic reply “The Captain you have called is out of order. Better said he might be in the Bar Chez Clare with his Vice Captain” Damn it! What now thought Chelsea. She snapped her fingers and called Matt! He has always great ideas.
Some minutes later he arrived on the bridge, Chelsea showed him everything and tada here comes Matts idea! “Lets send out the Storm Of Crows to explore this blinking light”
In the meantime Chelsea told the crew everything about “Opportunity”

Two Hours Later

We just heard a song. Does that mean the story is over? Noooo we just had to wait for the crows coming back. They told Matt and Chelsea it is a spaceship out there, no weapons anymore, no engery but 3 creatures on the ship! Chelsea got totally excited, told the Mike (the Pilot) to set the direction and fly over there! Mike mumbled “Oh man I hate this sh… I just want to go back to my cowboy farm!”
It was a short flight for our fast Spaceship TFSC. Chelsea called the other ship. It has a funny design. It has a skull shape!! They got a reply pretty fast. “Here is Pirate Captain Tom! We have an emergency! We are out of fuel because Marky drank our entire fuel! By any chance do you have some whisky on board? So we could fill the engines again!”
F… you are a liar! said Charley, who just arrived on the bridge! How can we solve this problem now? wondered Chelsea. “Well as you can’t fly away and cant shoot on us, we might wait for Colifused and Ian sobering up!”told Chelsea Pirate Captain Tom! While they are waiting Tom tells them some stories about the Dark Zone

What Will Happen Next Time?

Will the pirates join the crew? Will there be whisky? Will Colifused and Ian be sober again? God knows whey they will be up to!

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