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Spaceship TFSC – EP 1 “She Said Burn”

The Start

Lockbook entry by Captain Colifused “Spacetime ermmm I can’t remember anymore, lets say it is another day! It is dark outside, very dark. No planet, no star, nothing…” Yes Spaceship TFSC is out in space, in a zone no one ever have seen before. Only darkness! How it started? Well….

How We Got Here!

All started like a nice cruising around in space. Vice Captain Ian jumps up from his seat and yelled “Oh loooook there is a wormhole, lets surf a bit in it!” No one could have known this wormhole wasnt the best build one. So yeah Captain Colifused told Ensign Sadie to fly directly in it! The wormhole got smaller and smaller the deeper the spaceship got in it. Colifused and Ian were discussing how to get through it without damaging the ship. Sadie couldnt handle it more, so she simply stopped the engines.
Curious as usual Maam Clare, the bar owner of the middle decks, entered the bridge. Totally excited of it she suggest to send out butterflies to drag the ship out of this wormhole. Well as usual Colifused just rolled his eyes. But how to get out of it! Ian snapped “Oh lets ask Conselor Betty! She knows everything!” Well, says Colifused, lets ask her. He called her to join the crew on the bridge!
10 hours later she arrived there. Yeah as usual she had to wash her hair! Ian explained her the problem because Colifused was ermmm lets say not able to talk seriously. (Maybe he drank too much of the captains beer) Bettys reply “Burn!!!!” Colifused loved this idea and yelled “Lets blast this sh… erm hole away! Fire Weaponensign JB!” JB shot all around, but oh well Betty thought they were talking about her favorite song.. The wormhole exploded and the crew somehow ended up in this empty part of the universe!

Where Are We?

Thats what Colifused asks right now. No one could answer it. Even not navigation officer Maddie. Maybe we should first scan the region here, she says! Yes Ian and Colifused totally loves this idea! Meanwhile Maddie tells them about her moments in the mountains!!

And Now?

Will Spaceship TFSC find its way back to earth? Will they even find out where they are? And what about this Pirateship? Is Tom the Captain? You will hear/read more about in EP 2!

To Be Continued!!

3 thoughts on “Spaceship TFSC – EP 1 “She Said Burn””

  1. Love this idea/story, Oli! I’m looking forward to the next episode. We have to meet some cool aliens at some point … oh and Alternative Realities, Earths, Oli’s, etc! And every episode feat. songs from artists feat. on TFSC!

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