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Shining A Light On The TFSC Family! A New Section to Write About

Today We Talk About Mikalyn

Normally we start with a short info about the artist, right? Well I think our listeners/readers already know a lot about Mikalyn. But ok I tell you a bit about her. I have discovered Mikalyn back in 2018, the time I was researching for artists. I listened to the first song and was from the stat totally excited. I was pretty proud of myself that I have found such a talented artist!
So I simply added her to the station without her knowing. After getting more active on Twitter we found eachother there. I have to say she isn’t “only” an amazing artist with a great voice, nooo she is an amazing person too. Funny and always caring. Really one of the great people of the indie scene!

About her music

I could say simply her music is great. this would be unfair to you readers! Mikalyn has a wide range in music genres. You can find country songs, pop songs and even electro music. Her vocals matches perfect to all of those genres. What excites me the most about Mikalyn. She stays real, she releases always new masterpieces. In those close to 5 years I know her now I really enjoyed and loved every new song. Over the years you can hear how she has been able to create her own “Mikalyn Style”. This is for me the point where I believe “Yes she made it”. To have your own style is one of the greatest achievements you can get!

My Favorite Song! Maybe?

It is really difficult for me to pick one. Mikalyn has created so many amazing songs, I totally can’t pick only one! Maybe you decide yourself! Here you can find everything about her music ->
All together I have to say Mikalyn will go her away and get way more popular as she is already. She will go her way and will excite us more with her music!

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