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Nine Year Sisters New Album Gold! A Review

The Band

Normally you start here talking about the band. Explain what they do and what you love about them. But well I have a problem to explain such things about Jennie and Emma! Nine Year Sister is one of those bands which leave you speechless while listening to their music. Yes really they have this talent to make you dream, to make you forget the world around you. The music is simply magic. The vocals uh can I say magic again? Yes? No? Well I say it! Magic!! When I have found them back in 2018 on (I am not sure anymore) Bandcamp or Reverbnation I simply wondered why they aren’t already big stars! Somehow I have the feeling they are getting there more and more. And really they deserve it!

The Album

Now we should talk about what I actually should talk about in the article! Yes the album! I don’t want to repeat myself with the magic word, so I give you first all the facts about this amazing album! Name is Gold, 14 songs on it, a great mix of Jennies and Emmas voices. Slower song, faster songs, happy songs and as they said once in an interview with me “a lot songs about oceans and stars”. Trust me when you listen to this album you will drift into another universe. There is no song you are able to skip. They are simply great! You have to love the songs. Now should be time for mention my favorite song on it. But I can’t mention it. Every song has it special meaning to me, has this special feeling and yes this magic moments. So yeah all are my favorite song!

And Now Get It!

Yes get it! Take a listen and maybe you agree with me! It is really worth it! Enjoy the magic of Nine Year Sister

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