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We Have A New Show!

Live From The Detox Studio with Sadie Fine and her Dad!

I am really happy and proud about this new show! First I have to tell you a little story about it. I used to watch the Instagram videos by Sadie. She and her dad are really entertaining (Btw check her socials constantly out) and well then at the release day of her EP they did a great video about it. This moment I thought “Man I need them on the station” Really got excited and well one email later both agreed to do a show.

What I Love about Sadie

Well you know already how much I love her music and simply her voice. Another thing which I totally love, you ask her something and you get pretty fast a reply. If she agrees she pretty works out fast what and how to do. This happened at the Couchella this year and also with this show. You cant imagine how fast this all got worked out. In less than a week Sadie and her dad recorded the entire show and I have to tell you what a great show! Trust me you will love it!

The Show

What can I say about it? Hmmm well I could be cheeky and say take a listen!! Well you have to do it but other than that… Yes you will hear a lot about Sadie, her journey in music and pretty cool facts about her. Hey Dad is a brilliant co-host of the show. The right questions on the right time! You will have a blast!

Oh yes I forgot something! Starting in August this show will be on air every 1st Saturday of the month and 1st Sunday of the month!

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