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Album review of XIV Shades of X by Sonic X

You know I dont write often reviews, but now and then I get an album in my hands where I am simply blown away and think wooha I need to write something about this!

The Band

I have been a huge fan of Sonic X since I have heard the very first submission by them. Exciting rock music! Always great catchy music, great rockers and yeah I dont know how else to say simply amazing!

I had the honor to interview these guys very seriously. Hey they are not only amazing people, no they are also amazing cool people!

The Album

Back to the reason why I write these lines here. Lets talk about the new album which will be released at 28th July 2023! If you are already a fan of Sonic X you wont be disappointed by it. No you will love it!
Once again the guys created a masterpiece! Very rockish and I have to say they were able to create their own Sonic X style! You totally can listen to it and know heck yes those are the guys!

The album has a perfect length of 14 songs. What will wait there for you? Pure rock energy plus some songs which I would say are “Sonic X ballads”. Ballads with enough power to be counted as a Sonic X song!

The favorite song

Now it is normally time for an author to tell you which is the favorite song. Well now I have to disappoint you! I can’t pick one out! They are all my favorite songs. But if I have really to pick one (or two) I would say See You In Heaven and Anxiety! Anxiety is already available on Youtube! Pretty cool video there!

What Oli Says About the Album

All together I have to say get this album if you are a lover of energy rock! But be careful once you listen to Sonic X you never want to stop it!

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