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A Must Listen To: The Odds Are Stacked Against by No Murder No Moustache!

Normally I don’t do reviews. But when I received the submission of this EP The Odds Are Stacked Against by No Murder No Moustache I knew I had to. I was like holy wowow this is something brilliant, I have to write about it!

The Band

You might know already how much I love Punk and well what can I say No Murder No Moustache created here something great. They call their style CelticPunk and you can so hear the celtic part in the music! The first listen to this album got me really excited. It somehow made me feel I hear a mix of Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys. Really catchy sound, great lyrics and you get a really good mood here.

The Album

All together the 7 songs are really very good, sound wise and lyrics wise. The songs are about a lot of important topics these days. The politics, war and well the problems of the modern society. No Murder No Moustache manage to point them out very well! On top you have the chance to listen to a song written in Welsh. Pretty cool stuff here really!
One song I have to pick out and mention separately: “Since The War Started”. It is one kind of a ballad. It reminds me a bit of Rise Against “Hero Of War”. Calm start, a bit more power after some minutes. It is a wonderful song. The contrast of the lyrics and the calm music is well done. It is for me a great Anti-War song!

Enough talking of Oli now. Now go to Bandcamp and check out this brilliant EP! You wont regret it. As I said, these are 7 songs full of energy that every punk lover should meet! Are you ready for the experience? Let’s go:

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