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AleOli Music Sauce EP 8 The Pop Machine

In Episode 8 we discuss and show you more the pop machine. How it started in the 80s and the waves of disappearing and coming back to the focus of the audience.

The Circles of music

Ale did as usual a great research of the topic. Did you now there is even a study about the circle of music? A programmer of the Top40 radio stations explored a lot. The focus to entertain people radio stations always put easylistening pop music. The circle of music shows us listeners get bored of a certain genre. So the stations change the focus on a different genre. After a certain time the move back to pop to keep the big sponsors happy. Ale shows us the examples of American Idol how they got pop very popular again. We also show you how even Rockstars, like Bon Jovi, got help with lyrics by a hitmaker to get popular again. It is really one interesting topic where we could have talked about way more than 2 hours. Ale shows us there a brilliant overview of this topic with the important points.

The songs picked are a pretty good example of different the different circles like Eminem, AP Tobler and the hitmakers rock song by Bon Jovi. The picks of the songs really add up amazing the story line in here!

The very interesting Interview with Madison Olds

Another great part of the show are the interviews with our indie artists. This time with Madison Olds. We have learned a lot about her. The begin and the stories about her boyfriend. Another great part was the begin of the Interview, we fooled Maddie a bit. Sadly Oli had some internet problems at the interview. Which made him very silent, but Ale and Maddie managed that brilliant. Oli tried so hard to ask something but no one heard anything!

Yes listen to it again!

I have noticed, I typed now as much as we normally talk! So I better end it here with a little comment. This episode is very interesting when you want to learn more about the pop machine. We have to highlight the amazing research of Ale. Check also a book called “The Hit Factory” out. The music adds very good to the topic. So yes listen to this show!

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