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Why still buying music? Well why not!

With all those streaming services now a lot of people wonder why people still buy music. Yes it might be cheaper for yourself. With 8 euros you are able to get the entire world of music. You are even able to create playlists so you won’t lose any of your favorite songs.

All Good Points But..

All good points right? I personally have always one fear about the streaming services. What will happen to “my” music when they stop running their service. Where will you have it then? Do you have a backup? Did you maybe really buy a mp3, CD or vinyl?
This is only my personal fear. There are some other points which are even more important for the artists. I don’t want to get too deep in this discussion here. It could go for hours and days.

How I see this all

I might be not the best one to listen. As I am really an addict collecting CDs and as a radio station owner I have to own the music we spin. You aren’t allowed to spin music directly from Spotify. But thats not the main thing why I still keep buying music.
In my eyes it is pretty simple. Spotify is for me like all those Vinyl/CD shops, where you went to take a listen what is available. You liked the album and you bought it. Now in these days you even don’t have to leave the house. You listen on Spotify, you like it, you buy it on your fav service.
The feeling to actual own a song gives you a different feeling. Reading in the booklet or just looking at the cover art in real and not only on the computer is another which I have always enjoyed.

Just my opinion

So yes this is just my opinion but really worth to think about it all. But most important is still, support the artists!

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