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Last week we were wondering what happened to RJ in all the madness. Tom and Man eat Grass decided we have to gonna finda him. So they walk right through that door and turn the light on. Ha look there he is and not only him. Spike is there too! They were always thinking Betty might find them. Now they dont have to worry and start to smoke a Jamaican cigar. The X-Friends and Oli join this here! With a smile on his face Marky just can say “This is my second win! No acid in the lungs, just pure cigar smoke”

But oh no Keith runs inside, shaking and scared he tells them “I saw her face!” Pretty shocked of this news they run around in circles. Minutes later Tom got an idea! Lets take the Down Town Train and keep runnin’ to Liz. She did cover once a fisherman’s son to prevent his downfall. Maybe they could go to the mountainside! Liz nods “Yes say it right then we dont have to see another one gone! So lets go there!”

Maddie is already there. She always enjoys the Moments in the Mountains. Hey guys this place here isn’t a bad thing at all! Just one thing Maddie is missing… Why didnt get anyone roses for her?

What will Liz do? Will Maddie get her roses? Question over question… Well check out next week!

5 thoughts on “WHERE IS RJ?”

  1. Oh thank goodness nothing bad happened to me or Spike! But enquiring minds really want to know what comes next! 🙄

    1. Don’t worry. Would never let happen something bad to you guys!! Oh yes be surprised what will pop out of this confused fog in my mind!

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