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Actually I wanted and had to write a different article. But yesterday I sat here, read my mails and the comments on Twitter and thought hmmm I should write something about this here.
I get so many nice and words/comments in mails and on Twitter. It really means a lot to me and yeah I would say make me even smile more. It makes the work I put in here even more valuable.

Why writing this?

Out of nowhere I realized I have to talk about this. Yes really I have to get this all off my chest how much I enjoy to do this here. Spinning music, writing articles, listening to submissions, creating shows and so on.
I simply do this here to get you all heard, love to get your music out there because I think you have to be heard. The hard work all of you put in your music, the way you work with me and are always kind is simply great. These are the things which make me happy. You should know, I never aimed for being a star or a legend, I aim to get you being recognized more. This is the only goal ever!

The Bonus of this

As a bonus on this journey, and I would say this is the greatest part of it, I met a lot of people which I call now friends. I am very grateful for all I have met and will meet. On top there arent not only friends, I even met a pretty cool person because of this which runs with me a show, is the brain of this website and well yes an important part of everything. So I would say so far I have done everything right! I am very happy how this all turned out!

Well now it is off my chest. Now you know why I do this. It is the simple love of music! I might end with: Yes I am just a music nerd and proud of it!

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