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Indie World Changes – An Update after a year

Do you remember last year I was writing about the changes in the indie world? I feel I have to do an update on here.

First of all I have to mention the reopening of the world have been good for the indies. All over the Socials I see more concerts and gigs again. This is always good, so the artists have finally a chance to be in contact with the fans and even are able to get more fans again.

Talking About Fans!

This is one big problem I have noticed the last year. In the socials I see a lot of activity of the bands. But are those the right ones? Personally I have a feeling it isn’t all ok. There are too many artists/bands who stay inside their circle, their bubble or however you want to call it.
Don’t get me wrong, artists support artists and all of that kind can be good. Yet you are only in your own circle. Yes artists can be fans too, but do you think this will be endless? Won’t this circle have a limited amount of fans/followers or however you see them? Yes I think so!

Get Out of this circle

So be brave and look out for other opinions. At the begin of our station I had already a long convo about this. Surprisingly my conversation partner had a pretty cool idea. I got asked “Why don’t you follow on Twitter simply some accounts which mention ‘Music’ or ‘Rock fan'” I thought to myself hmmm lets try it, and I have to say I got some followers and then listeners by this move. Just one thing, if you gain a new follower by this.. Please.. Please.. Don’t spam them with a Spotify link or anything else. They will check you out without this. A direct message with a link makes them not feeling welcome, they simply think “Oh another spam bot” and unfollow.

What Else Could You Do?

Reach out to your local area. One good example for our radio is this pub who streams our programme their. I know a lot of pubs also play their own playlists there. Maybe try to contact them, show them how much you rock. I know this would be a lot of work to do. But hey you know the saying if you don’t try you never know.
When you are already in the pub there. Ask them if there is a chance to have a concert there. One of my fav pubs here in my town love to do so. Really I have met a lot of cool artists there. It is really a huge help to find fans there.
Another thing is to reach out to the media. Radios, magazines and so on. The list is endless. Here it is also important to not spam them. Be yourself and be unique.

So yeah don’t get me wrong. I really love to see you supporting eachother. But this is only a part of it all. It can’t be the one and only thing. Keep being creative, stay unique and rock this all!

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