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A little review about the new album Annihilate by The Fulcrum

Sometimes I have the honor to listen to an album before the release day. Today such thing happened once again. The new album by The Fulcrum! It is called Annihilate and has 10 songs on it! And I have to say I totally enjoyed it!

While listening to all of them, I caught myself being drifted away in a total postmodern world. The Fulcrum has a talent to do it so. The songs are brilliant played and written. One pretty cool thing of the entire album. You don’t hear just one style. You are able to enjoy slower rock, faster and I even would say some hard rock songs. The balance of the subgenres is amazing. You wont get bored at all while listening!

Another very important thing for me, as you might know already, is the bass play. And guys I have to tell you it is great again! It always has been a pleasure to listen to The Fulcrum and with this album they have made another step to simply excite me!

All together I have to say, dear The Fulcrum fan or soon to be The Fulcrum fan, better keep some time free for the 21st January! Thats the release day and trust me you will love this album!

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