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Betty enters the room highly sensitive. She cant believe what she sees. The Cranberry Merchants were disturbing the peace again! This mess here, who will clean it? She looks at me but I just shake my head. Jack tries to hide, no chance Betty saw him already! “You better clean! I wanna break you right now!” Jack freezes and want to say something, all you can hear is a whisper “I Remember The Shrubs were here… Better ask RJ to clean”
Where he is? No clue. Probably talking about the Equation of Love again. Outside you can hear a na na naaa nana. Well no one warned RJ, he got caught by Betty. Jack yells “Run to Edens End and try to be save! Tom cant help you, he is in London Town!” Yes thats right. Tom is the lucky one, sailing on the seven seas with Man eat Grass! In the end Betty might clean all by herself with a deep sigh!

The Cranberry Merchants show up, tell Betty “Sorry we will do that never again!” Everyone laughs, they know them too well. Next time we should get The Incurables here too. At least they have enough soda pop for everyone! Should they start again tonight? Will everyone say it is wonderful tonight? Heck yes we should try it all. Tom might be out of the Dark Zone to enter all the madness! But I am pretty sure Betty waits already with a broom there!

What will happen next? Are you curious? Well you have to wait another week! See you then!

6 thoughts on “LETS START THE MADNESS”

  1. Betty has been immortalized for the eternity as the craziest one LOL!
    This is the start of a beautiful writing career by Colifused! A masterpiece πŸ™‚

    1. aww thank you Betty! Well you have to be the crazy one! But don’t worry we love you the way you are!!

        1. Who the hell is TOM… I thought I have already commented before in some of my delirium-colifuesed-forelifes πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ … Very well done Mr. Colifuesed love that stroy…and can’t wait for the sequel

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