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In the last years you have heard it often “Rock is Dead”! But is this true? Is it really dead?
Well maybe when you check the charts, you might really think so. There are a lot of Pop, Electro and other genres. Sadly not so many rock acts. But if you look around in the Indie Scene you will find so many great Rock acts!

The Indie Rock scene is one of the biggest I have ever seen, and on top I have to say the quality is just excellent there. Plus you are able to find sort of every subgenre of Rock there.
Just go on Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Spotify and you will find there amazing acts like The Shrubs, The Incurables, Tough On Fridays or Wild Horse, just to name some. Most of them are already longer time active in the music scene and you can so hear it!

Another point which gives me very much hope. The amount of young artists/bands which are playing Rock. If you listen to our station frequently you might remember our AleOli Music Sauce Episode about Kids that Rock. For example we have here AP Tobler, Abby K, Under the Radar, Melia and so many more. They are all very talented, do a lot on their own and what excites me the most is they get help by their parents and family. This makes me happy and very thankful. It shows me there is so much hope Rock will be alive for a long long time!

For the future I am really looking forward to hear new songs by the older and the younger ones! Keep rocking guys!!


  1. Well, I think in the public perception, rock music is still not socially acceptable and is pushed aside by all other genres. The myth of sex, drugs and rock n roll is obviously still present.
    When I say I listen to rock music, a bit of heavy metal and a bit of punk, the reactions are always the same, big, horrified eyes and: Whaaaat? Youuuu?
    Why not me? Because people have pictures of rockers in their heads and I don’t match that picture. The same clichés as 100 years ago. Thank God the rock scene isn’t deterred by this cliché thinking and is far from dead.
    Big famous rock bands have their fan base anyway and the fans are still hungry for new stuff and concerts. Fortunately there are also rock radio stations playing this music.
    In the indie scene, stations like Radio Tfsc give artists a fantastic chance to spread their music and keep rock alive. I’m thrilled with how good the rock sound of the indie artists I found here.
    But also the mix of famous and indie, if you can even say so, is amazing great here, as is the way the music is played across genres!!
    That makes all the difference!!
    Never stop rocking guys 🤘🏻!!

    1. This is a really great post Dana, a great analysis of how things go. Between we all, we will be keeping the rock alive!
      There’s so much to do and reinvent in the music scene, so many trends, so many adaptations… but rock has a soul that no one will ever be able to kill!

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