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A little review of Tarraskas self-titled album!

As I have mentioned some days ago on the Socials I simply love to own a radio station. You have the chance to listen to an album before the release date.
It happened again! Tarraska was so nice to show me the entire album. As I fell totally in love with this album I decided to write a review. It has to be shared with the world!

The Band

You might know the guys already for longer. If I remember right, they got added to the station around 2019/20. The 4 guys started back then with their first single. As I have heard the plan was to release more singles and then release the album. Sadly the pandemic and lockdowns change massively the plans. Finally they have been able to record and finish the album! Thankfully I can say. The waiting was totally worth it!

The Album

Lets start with the basics. One album, 12 tracks, full of power! Their own descripiton to be a “mix of classic and modern hard rock” band matches totally. In a lot of parts you can hear out the classic part. The mix of slower and faster songs makes the album even more interesting. You really can’t get bored here. The two “slower” songs matches perfectly perfect in the entire concept here. You know me, I always listen first to the bass play and I didnt get disapointed here. Great I can tell you!

I highly recommend you to take a listen if you have 57 minutes spare time! A perfect mix of great rock, cool guitar riffs and yes simply great songs! So better look out for shoutouts on the release date 17th June

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