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Radio TFSC is an indie online radio station that loves music and artists. We work hard to take the indie music scene to the next level. Radio TFSC gives many talented artists a platform to get their music to others, whilst building up the awesome community that is our TFSC Family.

Our goal is pretty simple: give the listeners a good time and show them why we love Indie music so much.


The TFSC Family has grown so much in the last years. We are very proud and happy to be part of this lovely Indie artists’ world. We never had a better experience!


OLI aka Colifused: "The Confused One"

A technical person, a music lover, and indie supporter. Hardworker and always nice… but confused a 90% of the time. This is our Oli, the boss of the station. He wanted to study astrophysics but he ended up working with a different sort of stars, closer and way cooler (and not just literally). He has been supporting indie artists in the RadioTFSC station since 2018, he helps everybody, listens to everybody and puts on for use the coolest indie music on the waves. If there’s something else you should know about Oli, besides his great love for music, is also his love for beer and tendency to spit the coffee each time other Radio TFSC crew members say something crazy. 

This amazing radio family wouldn´t have been possible without the legendary and always sweet Oli. Listen to an interview to Oli here

ALE aka Kireina Michan: "The Not So Confused One"

When Oli started to seek for indie music for Radio TFSC, he reached Ale for a song of her he liked a lot. By that time Ale was also doing indie music promo online, and, thus, ever since they met, Ale & Oli had so much to talk about and share. They thought of plans to work for the indie music community, and developed a few, such as their program AleOli Music Sauce.

Ale used to be a neuroscience researcher working in Japan, but she loved indie music and artists so much that she decided to start a new path helping artists to make the most of their careers. She joined Berklee College of Music to study Music Business, Production and Technology, and started a master in Web Development, Digital Marketing and Design. Apart from AleOli’s program, she helps Oli with submissions and keeps this web up&running!

CLINT SLATE: "The Professor"

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for numerous projects over the years, Gregg Michel created Clint Slate in 2015 to quench his thirst for artistic exploration.
Three albums later, he explores his musical tastes and backgrounds on Radio TFSC with the ‘Skin & Sounds’ special show.

From A-Ha to Sepultura, Sinatra to Björk, The Prodigy to Vicente Amigo, Yes to Erik Satie and everything in between, above and beyond, each episode develops a different theme, covering all subjects, countries and eras to remember that Music is a genre in itself.

Sit back, relax: It’s showtime!

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